About Sell My Clothes - The Virtual OP Mall

Welcome to the first 24-hour Virtual Op Shop Mall specially designed for buying, selling, renting, swapping and donating second hand clothes, shoes and accessories.

This is the platform for all op shop lovers, vintage hunter gatherers and general pre-loved fashionistas in Australia to buy and sell clothes and accessories. It’s a community for op shop enthusiasts to connect, share their finds, guest a blog post and show off their amazing thrifted style.

Buy, sell, swap, rent and donate second hand clothes, shoes and accessories – all in one place, with a seller rent of only $2 per item$9 per month or $79 annually – and NO TRANSACTION FEES!

This is a sustainable initiative which is why we follow the resell, reuse and recycle (+ respect) concept, and strongly believe in reducing the waste and pollution the fast fashion industry has on our environment. Buying pre-loved clothes/shoes/accessories is our personal footprint on sustainable living.

The Virtual OP Mall platform is only for clothing, shoes and accessory related content. It’s where you can find op shops all around Australia, maps for garage sale locations and markets, pre-loved stores, and tailors.

In the Virtual OP Mall you can:

– Buy, sell, rent, swap and donate second hand fashion items

– Filter by: Size, Color, Category, Price, Availability for renting or swapping, Shipping and Payment details

– Search hundreds of pre-loved stores

– Follow or add your favourite stores

– Rate stores

– Add pieces to your Wish List

– Compare products

– Directly communicate with the stores for more information on their products (through Contact Store button)

– Search and find garage sales and second-hand markets all over Australia

– Receive SMS notifications on garage sales or markets in your area (Coming Soon!)

Buy, sell, rent, swap and donate second hand clothes, shoes and accessories


It’s FREE! In the Virtual OP Mall, payment and delivery options are unlimited. Purchase transactions are strictly between the buyer and the store. On that note, buyers are advised to check the store/seller ratings, delivery and payment policies and ask questions before making purchases.


To open a store, simply go through the registration process and register one  in the Virtual OP Mall. Create, design and personalize your store with your name, logo and banner. De-clutter your wardrobe and allow your clothes to get a second life!

Visit our Blog section for inspiration from our amazing op shopper guest writers and you’ll understand why their “Style has no price tags”.

If you’d like to inspire the world with your own op shopped style, contact us at blog@sellmyclothes.com.au to receive our Blog guidelines. We’d be more than happy to host your guest Blog!

We’re excited to have you join our fabulous community of op shoppers and sustainable fashion enthusiasts making sustainable fashion mainstream!

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