Awesome style

White sensation for under $15

Is it possible?!

Oh, yes it is!

The photo shoot with a fully op shopped outfit

Melainne Kelly (the owner of Art Photography by Melainne Kelly ) is a sustainable fashion photographer, as her sessions are always done with second hand fashion pieces, and this photo shoot was no different.

Featuring her daughter, the wonderful Olivia Kelly , Melainne created a white sensation second hand outfit for under $15 from Mission Shop and Red Cross Shop in Ulverstone, Tasmania:

  • Pantsuit $10
  • Striped hat $3.5 and gray hat $8
  • Belt 50c

Olivia is the face of the conscious side of the Generation Z – they live pragmatically, fight fast fashion, and most of all – care for the environment.

Drop us a comment if you liked her preloved outfit as well, and help us spread the love 💜

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‘Style has no price tags’

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