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Olivia Kelly – The girl behind our Women Category

Is there a better way to kick off our Blog, than with a beauty such as Olivia Kelly, the girl behind our Women Category?


“My love for op-shopping started from necessity. We had 5 small children and there were times it was hard to make ends meet. I would watch what was ‘in’ for both children’s fashion and myself and would use that as a guide when purchasing.” – Melainne

When we asked Melainne Kelly for permission to use Olivia’s image for our Women Category, she was more than delighted to help us out (thank you M!). Fast forward 2 months – the planning for our guest Blog started, and we decided to dedicate our first blog post to this wonderful mother and daughter duo – an amazing photographer and an astonishing model – which is why we asked Melainne for the story of how their love for second-hand fashion was born.


“The necessity opened up a whole new world for us”


Nowadays my youngest daughter Olivia is a model and I am a professional photographer, so we use our op shopping skills to seek out items for photo shoots. Sometimes we will go in looking for particular pieces. We screenshot fashion and photography photos and look for similar items that would work for our ideas. We have been lucky enough to find lots of looks this way.

The moment we laid eyes on this multi-colored jumpsuit, we just knew an 80’s inspired shoot was in order

One of our recent hunts was for all things leopard print as we could tell it was going to be ‘in’ this season. We were actually really surprised how much stuff we got!! Other times items jump out at us and we just know what we want to do with them.

Art photography by Melainne Kelly FB: melainne.kelly

I also hunt out items for my studio wardrobe. I now have a huge wardrobe of pre-loved glamorous gowns in sizes 6-24 for all my beautiful clients to twirl around in their sessions with me.

Op shopping becomes an addictive lifestyle in many ways….I love that we (my family) are not only extending the life of items otherwise discarded, but showing the world that helping to save the planet can be done in style.


And what an amazing style this is.

Thank you Melainne and Olivia Kelly for your collaboration, we look forward to your next Blog and awesome photos!

Until next time,

With love,

‘ Style has no price tags ‘



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